Recharge Your Line (Kuwait)

You can use your credit for local calls, SMS and My Net Basic mobile internet. Simply type your details in the boxes shown below. Please double check the number you have entered to ensure that is correct.

Knet Credit Card



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Talk Time
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  1. Calculation of 'Talk Time' is taken as 42 fils per minute; which is the average of 39 fils of Ooredoo to Ooredoo and 45 fils of other calls.

  2. Please make sure you have entered the correct subscriber number before proceeding further.

  3. Get information on your prepaid balance by dialing *555#
  1. You can transfer from a Postpaid to Prepaid or Prepaid to another Prepaid line

  2. At Ooredoo kiosk machines, located at convenient centers across Kuwait

  3. You can buy Ooredoo recharge vouchers at all stores in Kuwait. (*111*Recharge code#)
  1. What denominations can I recharge for?
    You can recharge online from 500 fils to KD 20 and in multiples of 100 fils thereafter.

  2. How do I recharge online?
  3. Follow the steps listed below:
    1. Select your payment method, either as credit card or Knet card.
    2. Enter the Ooredoo line number you want to recharge in the Line Number field.
    3. Enter or scroll the slider to select the amount you prefer to recharge.
    4. You may choose not to share your email address with Ooredoo.
    5. Click on the Next button that will take you to the Payment Gateway, and there fill your card details.
    6. If there is no issue with the card/account/information entered your recharge will be successful.

  4. What types of payment cards are accepted online?
    We accept Knet and locally (Issued in Kuwait) issued Credit Cards.

  5. What if my online recharge fails and money is deducted from my bank account?
    This is a rare case, if your money is deducted from the bank and your line is not recharged instantly, the transaction will be completed on the following day. If that does not happen please call 121 for assistance.

  6. If I use a credit card to recharge, will Ooredoo use/store it to pay my bill in the future?
    Ooredoo will not store any bank card details without the permission of the customer.

  7. How secure is Ooredoo's online recharge facility?
    Ooredoo transaction section is completely secure. The VeriSign Secured® Seal showing on the recharge page means that the site is secured by premium SSL service and authenticated by the highest standards.

  8. Can I recharge more than KD 20 in any of the Ooredoo branches?
    Customer can recharge more than KD 20 using the W-Charger Service, maximum limit is KD 200. Online maximum limit is KD 20.

  9. What is the minimum amount for recharge?
    Minimum amount that can be recharged is 500 fils. But if you choose Credit Card payment method minimum amount set by the bank is KD1.

  10. Why is the Ooredoo website not allowing me to recharge online?
    We have set some restrictions to avoid online fraud. In case if you face any difficulty please contact Customer Care (121) and check if your line is barred from online recharge.

  11. Will my line get recharged immediately?
    Yes, your line will get recharged immediately once you see "Recharge Successful" on the confirmation page.

  12. Can I activate a disconnected line through the Web by recharging the number?
    This is not possible online. You have to contact Customer Care or visit a Ooredoo branch for this.

  13. Why is my card not accepted on payment gateway?
    To restrict fraud, banks have set some rules on their side. Please contact your bank if you bank card is not accepted on payment gateway. Also please note international credit cards are not accepted.

  14. How do I know my number/line is recharged or not?
    Customer will get a confirmation notification of successful recharge on their mobile. Please dial *555# from your mobile to see the balance or for Menu *121# from your mobile.