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Featured Device Offers

Our hottest devices packed with amazing value

  • Samsung Note 7

    Starting from

    30.5 KD/month

    Samsung Note 7

    The smartphone that thinks big
  • iPhone SE

    Starting from

    14.5 KD/month

    iPhone SE

    Introducing Apple’s latest iPhone SE, coupled with amazing Shamel bundles to meet all your needs.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7

    Starting from

    17.5 KD/month

    Samsung Galaxy S7

    For bundles with more capacity and more colors, discover our offers.
  • iPhone 6s/ iPhone 6s Plus

    Starting from

    15.5 KD/month

    iPhone 6s

    Get iPhone 6s with Shamel plans.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5

    Starting from

    14.5 KD/month

    Get the new Galaxy Note 5

    The new Note 5 from Samsung boasts number of powerful features

  • Samsung Note 3

    Starting from

    8.5 KD/month

    E-shop Offer for Note 3

    Exclusive eshop offer for Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • Samsung Galaxy A7

    Starting from

    11.5 KD/Month

    Samsung Galaxy A7

    Wrap your hands around the sophisticated beauty of the Galaxy A7.
  • Samsung A3

    Starting from

    7.5 KD/month

    Samsung A3

    KD 6, you can enjoy Samsung’s beautiful A3
  • HTC 10

    Starting from

    18.5 KD/month

    HTC 10

    Enjoy HTC’s latest beautiful devices...