Push to talk

Instant communication to speed up the conversation. Broadband connectivity to expand the worldwide coverage!

Ooredoo business is your one stop shop for all your business communication, we are providing you a secured push to talk service over 4G technology, this service capability enables an instant access to the digital network that you are working on, when a company is using a dispatch-enabled network, every device that has access to it through push to talk will be able to communicate through it. This means that two-way radios, cell phones, and even computers (with the appropriate application installed) are capable of accessing the network with the push of a button.

External LTE Antenna

Improving communication performance where the electric field is weak. Decreasing the effect caused by the surrounding environment.

Crystal Loud Speaker

36mm 2w speaker with team’s great effort for the impressive audio performance, which make it easy to hear regardless of the background noise


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