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Why choose Ooredoo as your partner?


  • Keeps you connected 24/7 with the best communication tools
  • Gives you complete control of your usage
  • Your employees can enjoy more flexibility & freedom at no extra cost
  • Different plans tailored to suit the different needs of your organization
  • Clear and transparent roaming charges
  • Keep your branches connected to your headquarters through improved online channels
  • Superb tracking solutions for your business vehicles
  • Avail the best advertising and promotional platform with SMS broadcast solutions

Small Business Plans

Only Ooredoo offers you rate plans that are tailored for your business. Become a partner of Shamel Business today and make your business flourish with our cost-effective plans and solutions. (For small companies up to 10 lines.)

Required Documents to open a Business Account

1. Letter from the company signed by the authorized person requesting the service

2. Copy of the Authorized Signature Form issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and copy of the Civil ID

3. Copy of the Company Civil ID issued by the Public Authority for Civil information

4. Copy of the Commercial License and Commercial Registration

5. Signature in the applications form by the authorized person ( B2B Booklet ) from Ooredoo

6. Signature in the acknowledgment form to authorized receiving the new lines /items from Ooredoo with sample of signature + Copy of the Civil ID.

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