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Roaming Partners & Rates


Ooredoo Passport is not available in the selected country!


Incoming Roaming Bundle available for this country


Visit Roaming Bundles for more details.

You can activate Roaming Bundles also through My Ooredoo App

Roaming Partners

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  • Calls to same country -
  • Calls to Kuwait -
  • Incoming calls -
  • Outgoing SMS -
  • Internet Per MB -
  • Call rest of the world -

In Flight Roaming

  • Calls to Kuwait -
  • Incoming calls -
  • Outgoing SMS -
  • Internet Per MB -
  • Call rest of the world -
  • Calls to Kuwait -
  • Incoming calls -
  • Outgoing SMS -
  • Internet Per MB -
  • Call rest of the world -

*AeroMobile and OnAir is part of Ooredoo Passport during flight.

*Service availability based on in flight partners.

Roaming Tips

  • Roaming bundles are designed to fulfill your needs, subscribe to one of our bundle from Kuwait Airport or any boarder:
    • Ooredoo Passport
    • Prepaid Data Add-on
  • Free minutes included within roaming bundles are free to call within below list:
    • Visited country
    • Call back to Kuwait
    • Calling to third country
  • calling to third country will be excluding Satellite and premium number And any number starting with following country
    • +881 - Global Mobile Satellite System
    • +882 - International Networks
    • +883 - International Networks
    • +979 - International Premium Rate Service
    • +870 - Inmarsat "SNAC" service
    • +875 - Maritime Mobile service
    • +876 - Maritime Mobile service
    • +877 - Maritime Mobile service
  • Subscribe through the “My Ooredoo App” or from Website
  • Roam across 70+ countries and Inflight with Ooredoo Passport. You can subscribe by sending text SMS (Code) to 888 as following:
    • Ooredoo Passport
      • Weekly,
        • send “OPU” to 888
      • Monthly,
        • send “OPM” to 888
      • Weekly, Calls only
        • send “V” to 888
    • Prepaid Data Add-on
      • Applicable only for active prepaid Xpress bundle subscribers
      • Enjoy 3 GB Internet while roaming in 9 countries, KSA, Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, and India.
      • Send “R” to 500.
      • Bundle is auto renewed to opt out or stop send “RS” to 500.
  • A confirmation SMS will be sent with subscription details and bundle validity.
  • To check service validity or remaining quota, send “B” to 888.
  • If you don’t want to subscribe to any of the bundles, please make sure to switch off your roaming data service from your phone, to avoid bill shock or extra charges.
  • Inflight service becomes part of Ooredoo Passport coverage and the customer will keep connected during the trip on plan with AeroMobile or OnAir Networks
  • In case you didn’t not subscribed before departure, we will send you a reminder to use one of our bundles.
  • Please make sure that the selected Network coverage can support Ooredoo Password service in our roaming country partners.
  • Once you subscribed you will receive SMS confirmation, benefits, and validity.
  • You can always refer to “MyOoredoo App” to check and track your quota and service expiry detail.
  • We are also going to send you reminder SMS before the pack expiry date.
  • Also we would recommend to switch off data roaming service from your handset settings if you don’t have any active bundle.
  • We will send SMS to remind you about service detail and expiry date.
  • You can always refer to “My Ooredoo App” for online usage details and remaining quota
  • You can send code “B” to 888 to check the expiry and usage whenever you need it.
  • In case you subscribed OP weekly and OPU, then Auto renewal function is valid to last purchased bundle.
  • In case you subscribed OP weekly and My Country, then you need to send 2 auto renewal command for auto renewal to be active.
  • Auto Renewal is valid only for one time, and in case the customer need to activate it again, he needs to activate the command just before the last pack get expired.