Roaming Partners & Rates


Roaming Partners

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  • Calls to same country -
  • Calls to Kuwait -
  • Incoming calls -
  • Outgoing SMS -
  • Internet Per MB -
  • Call rest of the world -

Ooredoo Passport is not available in the selected country

Ooredoo Passport available for the following operators:


Visit Roaming Bundles for more details.

In Flight Roaming
  • Calls to Kuwait -
  • Incoming calls -
  • Outgoing SMS -
  • Internet Per MB -
  • Call rest of the world -
  • Calls to Kuwait -
  • Incoming calls -
  • Outgoing SMS -
  • Internet Per MB -
  • Call rest of the world -

*AeroMobile and OnAir is part of Ooredoo Passport during flight.

*Service availability based on in flight partners.

Roaming Tips

  • Roaming bundles are designed to fulfill your needs, subscribe to one of our bundle from Kuwait Airport or any boarder:
    • Ooredoo Passport
    • Prepaid Data Add-on
  • Free minutes included within roaming bundles are free to call within below list:
    • Visited country
    • Call back to Kuwait
    • Calling to third country
  • calling to third country will be excluding Satellite and premium number And any number starting with following country
    • +881 - Global Mobile Satellite System
    • +882 - International Networks
    • +883 - International Networks
    • +979 - International Premium Rate Service
    • +870 - Inmarsat "SNAC" service
    • +875 - Maritime Mobile service
    • +876 - Maritime Mobile service
    • +877 - Maritime Mobile service
  • Subscribe through the “My Ooredoo App” or from Website
  • Roam across 70+ countries and Inflight with Ooredoo Passport. You can subscribe by sending text SMS (Code) to 888 as following:
    • Ooredoo Passport
      • Weekly,
        • send “OPU” to 888
      • Monthly,
        • send “OPM” to 888
      • Weekly, Calls only
        • send “V” to 888
    • Prepaid Data Add-on
      • Applicable only for active prepaid Xpress bundle subscribers
      • Enjoy 3 GB Internet while roaming in 9 countries, KSA, Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, and India.
      • Send “R” to 500.
      • Bundle is auto renewed to opt out or stop send “RS” to 500.
  • A confirmation SMS will be sent with subscription details and bundle validity.
  • To check service validity or remaining quota, send “B” to 888.
  • If you don’t want to subscribe to any of the bundles, please make sure to switch off your roaming data service from your phone, to avoid bill shock or extra charges.
  • Inflight service becomes part of Ooredoo Passport coverage and the customer will keep connected during the trip on plan with AeroMobile or OnAir Networks
  • In case you didn’t not subscribed before departure, we will send you a reminder to use one of our bundles.
  • Please make sure that the selected Network coverage can support Ooredoo Password service in our roaming country partners.
  • Once you subscribed you will receive SMS confirmation, benefits, and validity.
  • You can always refer to “MyOoredoo App” to check and track your quota and service expiry detail.
  • We are also going to send you reminder SMS before the pack expiry date.
  • Also we would recommend to switch off data roaming service from your handset settings if you don’t have any active bundle.