About Nojoom

Nojoom- Kuwait’s Largest loyalty program offers you the chance to earn points which can be redeemed to enjoy best offers and exclusive benefits. Nojoom’s diverse range of rewards will add a wondrous sparkle to your everyday experience. For more details visit our Nojoom FAQ section.


All Ooredoo customers can enroll
Earn points through partners
Burn points through partners, telco and airlines
Donate points to charity
Buy more Nojoom points
Transfer Nojoom points to family/ friends

How does it work?

  • Join Nojoom through My Ooredoo App
  • Collect points by spending with Ooredoo and Nojoom Earn partners
  • Redeem with partners or donate to charity

Steps to Enroll

  • Go to the Ooredoo website/ MyOoredoo Mobile App, Register and complete your profile
  • You will be assigned a tier based on your mobile usage for past 6 months prior to enrollment

Nojoom Membership Tiers

Nojoom Partners

Earn and redeem your points with these
participating partners through My Ooredoo App