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Thanks to innovative mobile technology, you can use an eSIM to access a mobile network, without a physical SIM card. Activate the eSIM on your chosen device instantly and connect from anywhere. With Ooredoo, you are assured a seamless and effortless experience.

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How to Activate eSIM?

Now convert your existing physical SIM to eSIM or transfer your Ooredoo eSIM from one device to another via.

Step by Step guide

Open Ooredoo App
Choose the mobile number you want to switch from physical SIM to eSIM
Authenticate your identity through Kuwait Mobile ID App
Authentication successful and transaction complete
Save a copy of your eSIM QR code by dowloading it via Ooredoo App
Guide to activate eSIM
1. Download the QR code for the eSIM
2. Go to settings > Cellular in your smartphone
3. Tap on > Add cellular plan
4. Make sure you are connected to a WiFi network & scan the QR code
5. Awesome! Your eSIM will be now active
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An eSIM is the equivalent of a digital or electronic version of your physical SIM. This feature allows you to store several SIM cards on your phone without having to physically carry the SIM cards. The eSIM is embedded in your phone.

From iPhone XS onwards, with iOS 12.1 version or later.
Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular onwards.
Samsung Galaxy S20 onwards.
If your device is not listed above, check on the device manufacture website.

Multiple eSIMs will be supported on the device, however only one can be connected to the network at a time. You can also check on device capabilities.

Activation of eSIM from Ooredoo App is very easy and can be done at your convenience from home anytime.

You can easily reissue a new eSIM for the device from Ooredoo App.

All services should work seamlessly, like the normal SIM, including national and international roaming.

No worries, you can login to Ooredoo app and retervie existing eSIM QR code. Also you can also change to new eSIM, with verification from Mobile ID.

Once your eSIM is activated, your physical SIM will be deactivated. You can safely discard it.

We are here for your support, you can reach us anytime time of the day.

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