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  • 10 Mbps Fiber home internet
KD 22/ month
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Basic Plan

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* Fair usage policy applies

A complete package for every home. It has everything you need!

Get all these benefits and more starting from KD 18/month.

Shared Mobile Benefits

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Share all the benefits above with your family by getting 4 additional SIMs for KD 5/month for 1st and 2nd SIM, KD 10/month for 3rd and 4th SIM.

Home Plans

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* Fair usage policy applies

Upgrade your internet speed

For limited time, add the below amount to your monthly payment to get the speed you want

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To upgrade the internet speed, visit the nearest Ooredoo branch


  1. What is Shamel Home?
    • The first triple play bundle & complete family package in Kuwait from Ooredoo, as you will get mobile benefits which include Ooredoo Voice minutes, Ooredoo local minutes, Data Internet & unlimited Fiber internet from FASTtelco that provides you a stable and reliable speed reaches a speed of 100Mbps, and unlimited streaming from STARZPLAY .These benefits are all in 1 share bucket so you can add up to 4 more SIMs for family members and friends to benefit from the same package.
  2. What is the Plan Benefits?
    • You will get:
    • Unlimited Ooredoo minutes
    • 1500 Local minutes
    • 1500 Local minutes
    • 100GB internet and Unlimited Local SMS from Ooredoo
    • Unlimited GPON or ADSL Internet with a speed up to 10Mbps
    • Digital services that you are free to choose from
  3. How can I add lines to my Shamel home plan?
    • You can add 4 additional SIMs by your choice and share the benefits of your plan as follow:
    • 1st SIM … KD5 / Month
    • 2nd SIM … KD 5/ Month
    • 3rd SIM … KD 10 / Month
    • 4th SIM … KD 10 / Month
  4. How can I purchase add-ons?
    • You can purchase add-ons through:
    • My Ooredoo App
    • Ooredoo Website
    • Dial *111#
  5. How does the Home Internet work?
    • You will get Unlimited Fixed Fiber Internet from FASTtelco with speed of your choice
    • reaches 100Mbps. Fiber connection will be decided by the Home location.
  6. Fiber Areas
    • If you are a residence of one of the below areas then you are Eligible to get Shamel Home Plan and benefit from Fiber internet which provided by FASTtelco
  7. How Fber internet will be installed?
    • FASTtelco will contact you to arrange for an installation (Internel cable & Router configuration) as the fiber service will be completley installed withing 3 working days of the subscription date.
  8. How good & fast is the FASTtelco internet fiber?
    • FASTtelco provides high speeds internet fiber that you can relay on and makes
  9. What if I want a device?
    • With the starter pack you can add on a mobile handset for your Parent SIM and a router for your fixed line. These are not included and depending on your choices a price is added on top of the 25KD monthly. Child SIMs can add on device after 6 months also for an additional price. Device additions made later in your contract period will extend your commitment for the same number of months from the moment of purchase.
  10. Can I buy Shamel Home without committing?
    • No- minimum 24 month’s commitment.
  11. How do I pay for Shamel Home if I buy more than one line?
    • Ooredoo Kuwait is a facilitator of services for you, streamlining your payment process for your convince. All line details will be in 1 bill to make it easy for you, you don’t need to pay for FT or digital services separately. Just visit any branch, Kiosk, Ooredoo webpage or the application.
  12. How do I check my usage, and what about usage made by child lines?
    • All Shamel Home usage will appear on your bill, in the application, via 121 and branches with the main account civil id number.
  13. Can I take my Shamel Home SIM roaming?
    • Yes, by activating Ooredoo passport. This is not included in the Shamel home share bucket. So you will be billed 10KD for it. Also roaming benefits in Ooredoo Passport are not sharable
  14. How can I activate my free digital service subscription?
    • You can activate your subscription by visiting the link of your preferred digital service that you received in an SMS on the activation of your plan. Create an account and activate your subscription through the Activation Code you will receive in an SMS.
  15. How and when shall I settle my bill?
    • You can pay your bill through:
    • My Ooredoo App
    • Ooredoo Website
  16. When I'm roaming, will my Ooredoo Passport be shared?
    • No, the benefits of Ooredoo Passport and Unlimited Ooredoo Passport will not be shared while roaming.
  17. How can I buy a device to my shared lines?
    • You can buy a device to each of your shared lines after 6 months of activation of every SIM.
  18. How many devices can I take with this plan?
    • Up to 4 more devices can be added after 6 months from activation. 1 per child SIM.
  19. What is fiber optics network?
    • It is a high-speed internet service that uses optical fibers and offers unlimited download capacity, internet stability & better online gaming experience. It has a speed of up to 100Mbps.
  20. What are the benefits I will get of having fiber internet?
    • You will be having an unlimited, stable and reliable internet service during your full subscription period that doesn’t get effected by the weather or
    • With Fiber optics your internet is being given directly to your house with no further interference
    • Fiber optic cable boasts an ability to span very long distances, withstand weather and electromagnetic signals without experiencing a break in service, and offer consistent lightning-fast download and upload speeds, unlimited capacities unlike wireless
  21. Locations of fiber area.
    • Abdullah Al Mubarak
    • Abu Fataira
    • Addan
    • Bayan
    • Egaila
    • Eshbeliya
    • Fahad Al Ahmad
    • Fnaitees
    • Hitteen
    • Jaber Al Ahmad
    • Khairan Pearl
    • Khairan Residential
    • Mangaf
    • Masayel
    • Mishref
    • Mubarak Al Abdullah
    • Mubaral Al Kabeer
    • Nahda
    • Naseem
    • Al Subahiyah
    • Al Waha
    • North West Sulaibikhat
    • Qairawan
    • Qurain
    • Qusoor
    • Saad Al Abdullah
    • Sabah Al Nasser Block 4, 5, 6, 7
    • Sabah Al Salem
    • Salam
    • Sabah Al Ahmad
    • Shuhadaa
    • Zahra
    • Sideeq
    • Fahaheel
    • Abo Haleefa
    • Sabah Al Ahmed
    • Fintas Coastal Road
    • Messila Coastal Road
  1. On which devices can I download titles?
    • Titles can be downloaded on Android and iOS mobiles and tablets but not on laptops and personal computers.
  2. What happens to my downloads if I logout of the application or delete it?
    • All downloads will be deleted as well.
  3. Do parental controls apply on downloaded titles?
    • Yes
  4. Do I have to download titles on a Wi-fi connection?
    • No you can change download settings to use a regular internet connection.
  5. Can I download the same title on multiple devices?
    • Yes, you can download the same title on 2 devices at the same time.
  6. How do I download a title?
    • Just tap the movie or series icon to begin downloading.
  7. How do I manage my downloads?
    • All titles can be viewed and managed on the ‘My downloads’ page.
  8. Can I download the same titles more than once?
    • Not all titles; most only allow a onetime download.
  9. How long can I keep a downloaded title?
    • Up to 30 days or 48 hours if playback has started.
  10. Can I download any title?
    • All titles can be streamed but only some can be downloaded. This is made clear with the download icon.
  11. How many downloads am I allowed to store?
    • Maximum per subscriber is 25 titles, but only 15 if they are all part of the same series.
  12. Can I download titles to an SD card?
    • Only on a device’s inbuilt memory.
  13. Are Arabic subtitles included?
    • On most titles – Work is being done to extend to all movies and series
  14. Does StarzPlay support Chrome Cast?
    • Yes
  15. How many devices can I use with 1 subscription?
    • Maximum of 5 devices per subscription. Only 2 devices can be streaming at the same time.
  16. What languages does StarzPlay content support?
    • English, Arabic and French.
  17. How do I use Chrome Cast with my StarzPlay account?
    • Once Chrome Cast device is connected to your TV, login to StarzPlay application on your tablet/mobile and the cast icon will appear on top of your screen. Click it, choose your device, and the StarzPlay logo will be prompted. Just select your movie/series to begin watching.
    1. About beIN CONNECT?
      • beIN CONNECT gives you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite sports and entertainment any time and any place from your computer, laptop, smartphone and tablet (iOS and Android) within the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region:
      • Algeria, Bahrain, Chad, Djibouti, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine (including the Gaza Strip and the West Bank), Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.
      • beIN SPORTS and beIN SPORTS News channels are free to view from around the world.
    2. How do I activate my complimentary access linked to my Satellite TV subscription?
      • If you have the complete subscription satellite TV subscriber and your package includes complimentary to beIN CONNECT, you can activate the online service to enjoy our channels any time.
    3. How do I subscribe to beIN CONNECT?
      • You need to have a beIN CONNECT account. If you do not have an account, then you need to create one by simply following the steps on our subscription page. If you already have a login account, simply press the ‘Sign In’ button on top of the page and enter your details. Once logged in successfully, choose a suitable package and complete your payment.
    4. On which devices can I enjoy Live streaming through beIN CONNECT?
    5. What are the compatible iOS devices with beIN CONNECT?
      • beIN CONNECT is compatible with iOS8 and above

    6. How to download Microsoft Silverlight?
    7. I have just subscribed, how long does it take to activate the service?
      • You will be able to watch all the live events immediately once you subscribe to beIN CONNECT

    8. How do I activate a promotional code?
      • Visit bein.net/redeem

      • Create and validate your CONNECT account
      • Select the relevant offer, enter the code and activate
    9. How can I update/change my personal information?
      • Sign in to your account, go to My account and then to My personal details.

    10. How can I update/change my payment method?
      • Sign in to your account, go to ‘My account/My subscription’, go to the payment method section. Then click on ‘Change’.

    11. What if I receive a message saying, “I have reached the maximum number of allowed devices”?
      • You are allowed to register 3 devices. If you want to use a new device, you need to sign in, go to My account/My connected devices and remove one from the list by clicking on the ‘Delete’ button.

    12. What is the streaming quality of the channels?
      • Our channels are streamed in full HD. The quality of the stream largely depends on the connection speed you receive from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and on the device you are using. We provide the stream at various speeds (bit rates) which will be picked up from your broadband speed along with the processor speed of your computer.

    13. What are the compatible iOS devices with beIN CONNECT?
      • If you have a login account whether you are a previous subscriber or a previous user, simply press the ‘Sign In’ button on top of the page and enter your details. After making sure you logged in successfully, go to ‘My account/My subscription’ and click on the ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Pay’ button.

    14. How can I stop my beIN CONNECT service auto-renewal?
      • If you have a valid subscription with beIN CONNECT service and you wish to stop it, please sign in, go to ‘My account/My subscription’ and click on ‘Unsubscribe’ button.

    15. How many device number can I use under my account?
      • If you are a beIN CONNECT subscriber with a paid subscription, you can register up to 4 devices in your account, but only one device/streaming can be used concurrently. You can remove/replace up to 5 devices per month.

      • If you are a beIN TV subscriber with a complimentary account on CONNECT, you can register 2 devices under your account with one concurrent streaming. You can remove/replace 2 devices per month.