Database as a Service

The Cloud Simplified

Organizations with critical applications require a robust, scalable, and highly available database. Using Database as a service from OOredoo, organizations can significantly reduce overhead on application servers while improving overall performance and adding a new level of scalability.
With a database as a service model, application owners do not have to install and maintain the database themselves Our teams of database certified professionals can help the organizations to architect, secure, manage and maintain database where IT team can now focus on daily operations and maximize their productivity.
OOredoo takes care of everything from periodic upgrades to backups to ensuring that the database system remains available and secure 24/7

KEY Benefits

  • Elimination of physical infrastructure

  • Reduced management requirements

  • Reduced IT costs

  • IT productivity

  • Application reliability and performance

  • Scalability on Demand

  • Monitoring to ensure all critical services remain available