Microsoft Teams

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Keep your business moving while you are at your home

As a part of Digital transformation strategy all businesses across the globe are now shifting to working remotely. Ooredoo business and Microsoft Teams services are bringing your office to your home by providing you a full set of communication tools so you can stay connected and work remotely without being remote!

Microsoft Teams service is enabling you to meet, chat, call and collaborate with your team anywhere and everywhere.

Work Safely, Meet Virtually from home, Microsoft team keeps you synced with virtual meetings, webinars & live events.

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Set up Microsoft Teams virtual meetings in place of in-person meetings

  1. How to schedule a meeting: Watch video
  2. How to join a meeting: Watch video
  3. How to share your screen during a meeting: Watch video

Use Microsoft Teams virtual webinars instead of in-person trainings

  1. How to use Share option to deliver the training content: Watch video
  2. How to use Whiteboard to make the training interactive: Watch video
  3. How to record the meeting for replay and for your knowledge base: Watch video

Set up Microsoft Teams Live Events instead of town hall events

  1. How to plan and schedule a live event: Watch video
  2. How to attend a live event: Watch video
  3. How to moderate a Q&A: Watch video

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