Privileged Access Management Services

Manage access, Audit activity, Respond to incidents.

Today, cyberattacks and data leaks threaten organizations across the globe. These threats impacting every sector of business. Privileged accounts are also the most likely to be targeted by cyber criminals because they allow the attackers to easily move around the network, accessing critical systems and sensitive data while remaining undetected.
Ooredoo’s privileged access management services help organizations create and enforce controls over users and systems that have elevated entitlements, this relies on governance policies for authorization. PAM is the service that verifies the permissions for administrative users according to these policies and reduces the need for users to remember multiple passwords. It also helps organizations prevent insider attacks

KEY Benefits

  • Protect critical assets

  • Get full visibility over all privileged accounts

  • Monitor and audit activity of privileged users

  • Meet compliance requirements

  • Make sure everything is audited.