What are we doing to help you and your family stay connected during these unprecedented circumstances?

We have reaffirmed our full support of the Government and its entities in light of the Coronavirus outbreak in the country and to ensure that customers are staying home as per Government directives by collaborating with the Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA) by providing customers with free 5GB internet and free calls for one month.

We also launched our ‘Be Safe. Be Home. Be Online’ campaign, featuring an array of digital offers and services designed to support customers and to ensure they are well connected and informed during the Coronavirus outbreak in the country. The digital offers and services include subscription to any Ooredoo Surprise offer on My Ooredoo App, enjoying the best music, series, movies, and games, recharging online, joining ANA and free SIM delivery to customers’ doorsteps, and amazing benefits from Shamel. Customers can also view Ooredoo’s services as well as exclusive offers and their subscription data online through the MyOoredoo application and the Company website

We are committed to adhere to all instructions issued by the official authorities in Kuwait related to the current situation, confirming its cooperation and its complete readiness to implement the procedures followed in this regard during the coming period.

How are we adapting to the temporary new normal?

We have implemented and executed the ‘Work from Home’ strategy to make Ooredoo safer for everyone. The goal is to protect the health, safety, and well-being of all employees while allowing core operations to continue as smoothly as possible. The Company adopted various solutions to enable its employees to work remotely in a safe and efficient manner with the aim of increasing productively and efficiency.

We aim to continuously serve all our customers with high quality telecommunications services, while keeping in mind the safety and precautionary measures to ensure the safety and well-being of all employees. We are also committed to ensuring the safety of our customers and employees while ensuring that the Company’s business and core functions continue to operate smoothly during this volatile period”

Message from Acting CEO

Dear Ooredoo Family

It has been over a week now, since the partial curfew was implemented across the country; a decision taken by the Kuwaiti government to protect us and our loved ones from possible consequences. In fact, the COVID-19 is changing everything about our daily life, our daily routine and our businesses.

As our normal life comes to a halt, telecoms has become one of the key pillars that is holding the world together as people stay at home.

In this regard, Ooredoo made a set of important commitments to support you, our customers and to support Kuwait as well, since the first days of this global pandemic:

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Online:

On February 29th, we shared with you preventive steps that are essentially important to face this infectious disease and consider them as part of your daily routine around the workplace.

We have announced placing sanitizers in each floor and we made sure workstations are sanitized and desks are disinfected on a daily basis to ensure everyone’s safety.

During the lockdown times and during the official holiday, while some of our branches were open for customers, we were committed that all precautionary measures are implemented and executed thoroughly to ensure the well-being of both our customers and employees.

On March 22nd, when the government imposed a nationwide curfew, we have continued to operate at full capacity and announced the “Work-from-Home” policy for office-based employees. All of us became focused on enriching our customers’ digital lives during this challenging time to ensure the continuity of service through our digital networks.

We made Online orders – through both the website and MyOoredoo App- a priority to us making sure a contactless deliveries are made for the safety of our sales agents and customers as well.

Our priorities remain the safety of all our customers wherever they are; encouraging them to stay home, stay safe and stay online.

Ooredoo remains “Socially Responsible”:

We played an important role in supporting society during this unprecedented time. As the situation progressed, Ooredoo Kuwait was the first telecom operator to offer health workers and Kuwait front liners free internet for a month.

Ooredoo – in collaboration with CITRA and the other two operators – announced free daily 5GB internet allowance and free local calls offered to all customers for an entire month starting March 22nd till the 20th of April.

In addition to that, Ooredoo was present in some quarantine centers to film and document the great efforts done by doctors and nurses in the field. We made sure to also celebrate Mother’s Day with moms working at Jaber Hospital.

More community initiatives are in the pipeline as Ooredoo continues its commitment towards the society during these unprecedented times.

We are all in this together:

We understand these are uncertain times, as the whole world is struggling to fight to return to safety. We are fully committed to ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of our employees. This is our top priority to maintain the business continuity needed and provide the support and service to more than 2 Million of our customers.

You may all feel worried at this stage, this is natural and understandable, we may also face some challenges to overcome this crisis, but I am certain, with you as one team and one spirit we will overcome these challenges and return back to our normal business, stronger than before with God’s blessings.

Above all, stay safe and healthy.

Fadi Kawar
Acting CEO

Our Network

In these difficult times, we understand the importance of staying connected with each other. Whether conferencing with co-workers, reaching out for help and support, accessing sources of education and entertainment, or staying connected with friends and loved ones, we know you depend on us to stay safe, stay home, and stay connected.

As important as our network is to keeping you connected, there is an equally important network of people behind it working tirelessly to keep you connected when it matters most. Our engineers and technicians take great pride in offering our customers the Kuwait’s best and most reliable network to meet the expectations of our customers.

Being online and staying connected at all times remain essentially important to all our customers as they expect uninterrupted connection and strong network coverage while staying indoors. Ooredoo continuously evaluates peak Internet data usage these days to stay on top of that demand”.

Chief Technology Officer at Ooredoo Kuwait, Hassan El-Chami said, “Ooredoo will guarantee that customers enjoy the best telecom service and internet connectivity at all times”.

Message from our CHRO

Dear Ooredoo Family,

I hope you and your families are all doing well and in good health.

As we face the growing concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus situation in the country, the Council of Ministers have amended the partial nationwide curfew hours from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. which started today; Monday, April 6, 2020.

Also, given that the telecommunications sector is of utmost importance during the current situation, and our vital role in the State of Kuwait and abroad to serve the public interest, and to ensure that we continue to provide our customers with high quality telecommunication services, the Company will continue its implementation of the ‘Work from Home’ strategy until end of day April 23, 2020 which the Company announced through an announcement on March 22, 2020.

Thank you all for your continuous efforts.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Proving Kuwaiti’s courage and perseverance in times of need
Kuwait gifts free internet to its Customers in Ministries
and Governmental Organizations

Ooredoo Kuwait, the first to launch innovative digital services in Kuwait firmly believes in the importance of shouldering its social responsibilities as a reflection of its corporate social responsibility, Ooredoo Kuwait gifted its customers in Ministries and Governmental Organizations which include the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Interior, Civil Defense, Kuwait Police, Kuwait Airways and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation free internet valid throughout the month of March in appreciation for their great efforts during the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in the country.

Commenting on this initiative, Senior Director of Corporate Communications at Ooredoo Kuwait, Mijbil Al-Ayoub asserted Ooredoo’s firm commitment to consistently be present at the forefront of all emergency situations in Kuwait and to showcase our appreciation to our brothers and sisters who continuously strive to make sure we are safe.

Our Branding Response

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