5G Service Add-On

Enjoy 5G speed for 5KD per month on any postpaid voice or internet line

Fastest reaction times

Fastest reaction times

Easier and more stable gaming and streaming

Highest speeds

Highest speeds

Download everything you need in the shortest possible time

Best capacity

Best capacity – no traffic jams

Connect even more devices without slowing the connection


  • 5G add-on can be activated by following type of postpaid customers:
  • New customers
  • Existing customers (with or without contract obligation)
    • Customer needs to be on any of the following tarrif plans:
    • Shamel voice plans: Shamel 5, Shamel 10, Shamel 15, Shamel 20, Shamel 30, Shamel 40, Shamel 60, Shamel 90
    • Shamel internet plans: 1TB, 2TB or 3TB
    • Shamel Home plans: Shamel home 18, Shamel Home 25, Shamel Home 35
    • 5G service add-on will be charged with full amount regardless of the day of the activation
    • 5G service add-on will be auto renewed every month until customer cancel the 5G service.
    • 5G Service add-on will be auto renewed even after commitment expiry
  • In order to experience 5G speed customer needs to have:
  • 5G service active on his line
  • Device that is supporting 5G service (5G enabled handset or 5G enabled router)
  • Customer can buy one of the following 5G devices with Ooredoo as a GTL device:
    • 5G CPE router for 7KD per month
    • Mate X 5G for 8KD per month