Huawei 5G CPE Max 5
Introducing the Huawei 5G Outdoor CPE Max 5
a revolutionary outdoor Router designed to enhance your internet experience by amplifying 5G signals into your home. With its cutting-edge technology and sleek design, this device ensures consistent and reliable connectivity, even in challenging environments Learn more >
Do you suffer from weak 5G coverage inside your home?
The Huawei 5G Outdoor CPE Max 5 router is installed outside your house and positioned to create a reliable, high speed connection for the highest quality signal and speed experience inside your home.

Is this product right for you?
This product is ideal for any customer who suffers from any of the following connection issues...
1. 5G Internet signal is blocked by concrete walls or neighboring buildings
2. Weak 5G connection in your basement
3. Poor 5G connectivity in a high-rise building
What does the bundle Include?
Huawei 5G CPE Max 5
Option to include a Huawei Indoor Router or Wi-Fi Mesh System
Up to 7 meters of Free Cabling
Free installation of outdoor router

Can I customize my own bundle?
To cater to every customers’ needs, customers can customize their own bundle with Ooredoo Add.

How much does installation cost?
Installation is free by Ooredoo. (Additional charges may apply for any additional cabling or equipment required)
What will happen after I place my order?
1. An Ooredoo sales representative will call you to confirm your order and delivery
2. An Ooredoo Technical representative will call you to schedule an appointment for installation
3. Our technical team will install the devices at your home and ensure you have the best possible 5G signal
4.Lastly, enjoy the highest quality connection, with optimal speeds and wide coverage inside your home without any interferences!

Is there a warranty on the devices provided in the bundle?
Is there a warranty on the devices provided in the bundle? Yes, you can enjoy a one-year warranty on all devices included in the bundle

Ooredoo ADD for Postpaid Customers

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