Ooredoo ProPing

ProPing is a service that is provided for gamers using Ooredoo’s 5G service. It has low ping rates making your gaming experience faster and better. This is done by decreasing the number of servers between the gamer and the Middle East gaming server. In gaming, the quicker the information goes from gamer to server back to gamer, the less lag you will experience during online gaming.


What is ProPing 5G?

ProPing 5G delivers seamless gaming, that’s faster, better, more. It's specifically designed for gamers and gaming—we know what you need! ProPing has low ping rates, which means you’ll have a smoother gameplay. #gamer #gaming #5G

Why ProPing 5G?

Low ping rates : Low ping rates mean less lag which equals superlative performance. With ProPing’s low ping rates, you will improve your gaming experience and in-game reaction time giving you the edge you need to win. #goodgame #5G

What ping rates can you get on 5G?

With Ooredoo 5G, it’s game over for high ping rates! ProPing offers lower ping rates on popular games like Fortnite. #fortnite #5G

Is there a Fair Usage Policy on data?

Unlimited ProPing plans are available with a FuP of 10TB data. Practically unlimited.